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Branding has two key parts; verbal and visual communication. With our Brand consulting strategy we take a look at your current reputation, understand where you want it to be vs. where you are, and accordingly, we make recommendations on what steps to bridge that gap!

How we Do it

1 HR Services

As a team and company grow it’s obvious to expect a few things to fall by the wayside. That is why we put the human part at a high stake in our human resources management services.

2 Workshops

Our workshops include a variety of business engaging and enhancing events, we focus on both internal and external conflicts management, all in all, our workshops focus on all that goes into team building.

3 Finance

We provide the best financial solution for your business. We provide businesses with financial advice in order to improve their financial strategy, create more efficient procedures for them to ultimately maximize revenue.

4 Business Concept Development

This part includes 6 phases that go with research, analyzing, and development of the brand that must begin by gaining an understanding of the industry that your business falls under.

5 Discovery Session

The idea behind our discovery session is to know what our client’s business is like and to identify its brand attributes, community members, and the operation’s efficiency.

We've helped companies in scaling their business

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J.Portman is my absolute go-to when it comes to any kind of graphic design! J.Portman is my absolute go-to.

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