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Aspire Zone Foundation is an innovative multi-purpose zone that features state-of-the-art sports facilities. AZF is a group made up of three organizations: Aspire Academy, Aspetar Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Hospital, and Aspire Logistics. Enhancing sports performance is the organization’s mission.


In this project, the challenge was to develop a visual concept that would integrate the overall brand and to provide strategic guidance in its application across Aspire Logistics, Aspetar, as well as Aspire Academy.Aspire set out to develop a 5 year internal marketing strategy that would run from 2021 to 2025 with the aim of increasing staff motivation, harmony and growth. The focus was to conceptualize a sustainable idea that would ultimately lead to a satisfied workforce without being too overpowering and demanding.


Considering the essence of Aspire and their contribution to the athletic realm of Qatar, we developed an internal branding concept that embraces a dynamic and encouraging approach to internal stakeholder management and is consistent throughout the organizations.

  • Strategy - Visual Concept Development
  • Consulting - Strategic guidance and support in application


The visual concept covered all touch-points relevant internally to the organization

  • Messaging and communication
  • Branded collateral
  • Mock-ups  and templates
  • Visual guidelines



Born from a very personal experience, Rimads is an application for all your health and wellness needs. Following years of R&D, the team at Rimads introduced an app that is not only easy to use but also prioritizes customer centrality. The Rimads ecosystem has now introduced another application, Avey, which further facilitates a user’s healthcare journey with the integration of Artificial Intelligence.


We were approached by Rimads to establish the brand on digital platforms. They had a brief plan in place but would require an extensive strategy that would help them introduce the app to the market.

  • In-depth market research and analysis
  • Target audience analysis
  • Detailed marketing plan for all platforms
  • Communication plan for all touch-points


With an extensive initial discovery session, we were able to dive deeper into the brand, their story, requirements and goals. The interactive session enabled us to understand deeply where Rimads hopes to be and what their short and long term marketing focal points should be. This was followed with an in-depth marketing strategy that covered all relevant online and offline marketing efforts.

  • Strategy - Discovery Session; Marketing Strategy
  • Consulting - Managing Communication Channels

We established a theme and style that was consistent across all their communication channels, and ensured a balance between human touch and graphical illustrations. We made use of their brand colors and their mascot to create content that resonated with their wide range of target audience. Our collaboration included paid media campaigns on multiple platforms with different creatives and messaging, ensuring the right customers are targeted to build a loyal audience.


The dynamics and relationship between the Rimads and J.Portman team were some of the defining factors of the positive relationship we had throughout the course of the collaboration.

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Management of Communication Channels
  • Advertisements / Paid Media

Dow Photography


Dow Photography, soon Dow Studios is a creative photography and videography studio that serves local and international brands in Qatar. Dow Studios is specialized in high end photo shoots as well as corporate videos to convey brand and marketing messages to their audiences.


Until date Dow Studios grew through Word of Mouth and mainly the private networks of the two founders Jaber & Amine. Reaching a potential ceiling to the growth through these channels and while updating their brand and product offering, Dow Studios approached us to work on their Brand Strategy to unlock further growth and position their brand within the market.


We conducted three highly engaging Brand Strategy Workshops that were conducted in person in the J.Portman office as well as online for some team members. During the workshop key stakeholders aligned on the new direction of the brand. Brand Positioning through communication strategies as well as community involvement were discussed and a plan to grow the business further was established in the Brand Development Plan.

  • Brand Strategy Workshop
  • Brand Development Plan


Additionally to highly interactive workshops that were delivered online & offline the Brand Development Plan included:

  • Brand Positioning
  • Vision, Mission & Purpose
  • Digital Media Tactics
  • Communication Calendar with Key Events
  • Organic & Paid Media Recommendation
  • Content Strategy
  • Budget Plans
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Was impressed with the bundle offer JP provided for the Brand Strategy Workshops. Beside the core service, which is brilliant, it includes so many helpful features that I only discovered after I had completed the workshops and got back into operation. This was great!

We have used J.Portman for supporting our digital strategy with more video content on our social media platforms. We keep using J.Portman because we like how the videos get edited with quick, fast-moving, and eye-catching moving content. (...) we certainly saw an uplift in traffic in our restaurant.

Working with J.Portman was interesting learnt newthings in website making process. Marco was very helpful, answering my questions always there for support and in explaining the process of how we could develop the website. We enjoyed working with J.Portman’s team and we are happy about theresults of our project.

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