Katmer Café


The Turkish cuisine is known for its diversity in taste and cultural richness, Katmer Café’s mission is to open a café aiming to serve the best quality and most interesting varieties of Turkish coffee and desserts with Qatar’s contemporary style and simplicity.


The major challenge was to help direct the Café’s brand design and a company profile, Katmer Café’s goal is to sell rich Turkish delights while maintaining the concept of a Qatari coffee shop that is simple, elegant, and cozy.


Logo Design

For the logo design, Katmer café wanted to go for something simple yet elegant and cozy, we created a graphic and simple in form design that conveyed the owner's intended message which is to reach out to people who want a piece of Turkey and its culture in Doha.


A unique logo that resonated with the Turkish culture and gave off a traditional vibe while keeping a simple font that stated for the contemporary Qatari style.

The thin stripes link the logo (minimal visualisation of a fez and tie the traditional cultural item to a modern design
The menu design also focuses on minimalism, staying modern yet cozy
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