Born from a very personal experience, Rimads is an application for all your health and wellness needs. Following years of R&D, the team at Rimads introduced an app that is not only easy to use but also prioritises customer centrality. The Rimads ecosystem has now introduced another application, Avey (link to Avey case study) which further facilitates a user’s healthcare journey with the integration of Artificial Intelligence.


We were approached by Rimads to establish the brand on digital social media platforms. They had a brief marketing strategy in place but would require an extensive one that covers all relevant platforms and touch-points and communicate the right messaging to their audience.



With an extensive initial discovery session, we were able to dive deeper into the brand, their story, requirements and goals. This enabled us to understand deeply where Rimads hopes to be and what their short and long term marketing focal points should be. This was followed with an in-depth marketing strategy that covered all relevant online and offline marketing efforts.

We took over their social media accounts and established a theme and style that was consistent and had a balance between human touch and graphical illustrations. We made use of their brand colours and their mascot to create content that resonated with their wide range of target audience. Our collaboration also included paid media campaigns on multiple platforms with different creatives and messaging, ensuring the right customers are targeted to build a loyal audience.


The dynamics and relationship between the Rimads and J.Portman team were some of the defining factors of the positive relationship we had throughout the course of the collaboration.

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