An upcoming concept that caters to the health enthusiasts as well as those that live a fast paced, active life. Alma serves much more than just juices and smoothies, they offer healthy sandwiches, salads and bites, carefully curated with the help of an international chef with a number of accolades under her name.


Developing the entire concept from the idea of opening a juice bar that is built on the grounds of a healthy lifestyle, fresh ingredients and creative recipes for people that are on the go.



To deliver a quality project, we give utmost priority to first understand exactly what the client has in mind through our discovery session. After thorough research of the market, the industry and the owners’ vision, we create strategies and put implementable plans in place to bring the concept to life.


Given the words souls, spirit and heart, we tried to dig deeper into the meaning of Alma and how it tied in together with the vision of the entrepreneurs. Our solution was to have minimal symbolism that represents the soul of everything we eat and drink in an organic, yet modern manner.We developed the menu as well as screened and hired staff that can represent the brand well after receiving the required training.

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