Branding & Logos - it is not all the same!

The world of design, branding & marketing can be confusing and overwhelming. That is for business men and women as much as for the Average Joe. So, let us create some clarity around that, so you can decide for yourself whether or not that seems important for businesses.

What is a brand to begin with?

First, lets clarify the world "Brand" - a brand describes a set of values, beliefs and characteristics a company or an individual stands and is known for. It can basically be understood as the "Reputation" of a company or person. That means that a brand is something that you build over time through continuous and consistent actions that align with your values, beliefs and characteristics. Makes sense? Great. 

Brand = Reputation

But how do you know where to start, what values to believe in what characteristics to craft and so on? That is a question that the shareholders, founders and early team members of a company or start-up need to define. Either by themselves or with the support of brand consultants or advisors who will establish a Brand Strategy.

Is a Logo a Brand?

Let me ask you this: Is a steering wheel a car? No, right? It is a part of a car, a crucial one of course, but definitely not the only part a car needs to function. With Logos and Brands it is similar, a Logo can be a crucial element of your brand for people to recognise you, differentiate the products you place your logo on from others, but that is it.

A logo is a part of your brand that helps people recognise/ remember/ differentiate you from your competitors.

Over time people may start to associate values, beliefs and characteristics with the logo itself, with the shape, its colours etc. That builds trust and in a commercial environment often leads to reoccurring sales. Speaking of sales, why should business people interested in growing their company care about all that "fluffy value talk" to begin with? Like we said in the beginning your brand is your reputation and this is something that you should care about.

How to do care about your reputation? Let's talk about marketing! 

Imagine you have your brand fundamentals well put together. Brand Values are established, Designs are ready, Channels are open. Now you need to start talking to the world about who you are and why people should care. You can argue that this is exactly what marketing is! The interaction with anyone else outside yourself:

  • Employees
  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Partners

Every interaction, every experience you deliver from here on will shape the image that individual or company has of you. Every email, Phone Call, Instagram Post, In-Shop Experience or Meeting. Marketing is then the activity to purposely shape the image of your company in other people's mind through thoughtful actions. Marketing intrigues people to know more about your brand, to engage deeper, to be curious and to eventually pay a price for the value your brand provides. 

Marketing can build relationships. Or as we say - “Your vibe attracts your tribe!”

Marketing can build relationships that lead to financial benefits, recruitment opportunities or partnerships. When individuals understand what you (your brand) stands for they can decide to connect with you, or not. But if you do not market, you do not even give them a chance to connect in the first place.

Ultimately marketing is then the process of building brand! Do you agree?

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