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Human beings can barely use their whole mental capacity - that's a fact. Resource, however, uses purely natural ingredients to use mor of your mental capacity in a healthy way. Work more concentrated, train harder, study longer. Resource is for those who want more. Resource is a lifestyle product. No medicine, not a chemical supplement. 100% Natural and made in Germany Resource convinces outperformers to go the natural way using a sleek and contemporary design and high quality ingredients.


Branding & Packaging Design

We created a logo and packaging that attracts the target audience of Resource. Mostly young outperformer, who are familiar with supplements in general and are looking for a lifestyle product, that does not feel like medicine. By choosing the right colours for the brand, natural packaging, and pills that do not look chemical, we created a sound brand experience for their audience.

Their vision is to unlock human potential by developing natural supplements with high-quality ingredients. In this way Resource wants to enable people to perform better in what they are doing. Hereby, Resource positions itself as a lifestyle brand that is affordabel for everyone.


On their instagram account we suggested a buddy-type approach, delivering reguraly tips for a healthy lifestyle, not pushing the product in any way. Resource received great feedback for that approach.

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