Why Advertising Isn't a 'Cookie-Cutter' Industry

As much as we'd love a formula for advertising, there isn't one route that guarantees success. There are many ways to advertise your product or service, and what works for others may not necessarily work for you.

When you're planning an advertising campaign, the success of your approach falls on several crucial factors:

1) Creativity

2) Humour (when appropriate) 3) Cultural Sensitivity 4) Memorability

1) Creativity Not only must your subject of advertisement fulfill a need in the market, but your campaign must also stand out as unique. Whether it's befitting of your campaign to think outside or inside the box (simplicity is sometimes the best route to follow), adding a creative edge garners attention and intrigue.

2) Humour Everyone loves a good laugh, but be sure your humour is understood, unoffensive, and makes sense for your campaign and audience. When done well, humorous content becomes widely shared, and the power of word-of-mouth advertising comes into great effect.

3) Cultural Sensitivity It is no surprise that what translates well for one audience may not necessarily do so for another. In fact, a successful campaign in one part of the world may even cause extreme backlash and rejection in another region with a different audience. Make sure to study what your targeted audience likes, dislikes, and their cultural boundaries.

4) Memorability

A lot of campaigns stand out to us and we continue to remember them even after a long time has passed. Some we remember fondly, while others stand out as disastrous - not many brands can afford campaign flops, nor be able to relate to the 'any press is good press' mindset.

While oftentimes you can't predict the success of a campaign, you can prepare well by studying your audience and creating a unique campaign that acts as a bridge between them and your product or service.

Now, put in the work & start executing,

Have a great day,

Your JP Team

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