5 Elements of a Brand Style Guide

A brand's style guidelines are crucial for consistent, on-brand presentation throughout platforms.

There are many elements that make up a brand style guide. These elements ensure a brand's tone, feel, and image are consistent throughout the platforms it is being represented on, from online content, to offline collateral, to employee uniforms and even office decor.

Here are 5 elements included in a brand's style guide:

1) Voice

Without the brand's voice, other elements cannot be planned or created. The brand's voice is inspired by the feel you want to create and the audience you're speaking to. Without those, you cannot choose what are the appropriate and strategically best elements to use in your style guide. Your voice can be vibrant, minimalistic, adventurous, or anything you choose it to be, as long as it aligns with your brand and connects with your audience.

2) Typography

The style and font(s) of letters and numbers used by the brand must also be set in order to not maintain consistency on all platforms.

3) Colour Palette

The colour palette comprises of primary and secondary colour choices used in brand collateral. These are often the logo's colours (particularly within the primary palette), with one or two supporting colours, or shades of the same colour(s).

4) Logo

Brands often start their style guide by creating a logo and basing all other brand elements on the it, referencing the colours, font, style and imagery in content produced for the brand.

5) Imagery

Imagery used by the brand must support its voice and tone. Within imagery, there are several crucial elements that must stay consistent, including colours, art form, and theme (in relation to company's products and services).

Following a brand's style guide is crucial in the both the design and marketing fields. Maintaining the same voice and visuals throughout the different documents, ads, and content produced ensures everything you create is on brand and recognizable as yours.

Your JP team.

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