Top 2 Business Analyst Skills

Whether you're hoping to land a business analyst job, broaden your business skills, or start a business of your own, here are the top 2 skills that you will need to help you achieve those analytical goals:

1) Communication Skills

Whether you're communicating with clients or team members, good communication skills will help you understand the people you work with better, research and inquire more efficiently, and present your work more successfully.

Small things you could do include meeting (or communicating online/offline) with team members and clients regularly for updates, clarification, check-ins, and input from them. When everyone is knowledgeable and there are suitable levels of transparency, projects are easier to navigate and finish successfully.

Communication is also vital for presenting your work, so make sure you use methods that are easy for everyone to understand, avoiding unnecessarily complex and/or irrelevant jargon, graphs, and data.

2) Critical Thinking Skills These include the ability to think outside the box, thinking of new ideas, and even applying old ideas when relevant (can't re-invent the wheel!) Prior to those, making sure you properly understand tasks and problems by questioning and inquiring further will help you along your journey to analyze and solve problems.

While critical thinking does involve innovative ideas at times, using logic and thorough research is also important to not overlook the obvious or others' findings and ideas. Ultimately, critical thinking is used to find the most suitable solution for a problem, and therefore does not necessarily rule out old ideas and data. In fact, basing ideas and solutions on previous data could be the most effective method for certain situations as it may take significantly less time to establish conclusions or outcomes compared to thinking outside the box.

Business Analysis, more often than not, is a part of people's roles in their organization. No matter what your goals are, establishing solid Communication and Critical Thinking Skills will help you achieve these goals in a more effective manner.

Your JP team.

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