Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Work With A Social Media Influencer

After delivering some insights on Influencer Marketing in general last week, this weeks blog post focuses on the top 10 reasons why you should hire an Influencer to bring your brand to the next level. We speak to several local and international companies in our J.Portman HQ in Doha and many companies tell us they think they should be working with Influencers, but why? Just because everyone else does it?

This week we will have a closer look on the top ten reasons why you should work together with an Influencer. Because, yes, many companies are doing it already, but it is important to know why you should also do it. Scroll down and find 10 reasons why you should start collaborating today.


Users and consumers trust someone they like, follow and maybe even aspire to be. So, partnering with a trusted voice to spread your brand message has success written all over it. Reconsider your current traditional advertising activities, and find the influencer that fits your brand.


You will be surprised. Depending on the influencer and the kind of content you ask him/her to promote, sales can be generated immediately up to a few weeks. Every minute an influencer talks about your product/ service more potential user will learn about it and your brand, which will show over time in your sales reports.


Not every lead will be a sale of course, but the traffic Influencer Marketing will drive to your website, social media channel, or online shop will show where people go, what they do and how you can improve their experience in the future. But not only will you learn from how consumers move through your sales funnel, you will surely also convert some of them.

Brand Advocates

Hiring influencers for a one-off job can boost your brand awareness and sales in the short term. However, you will see the real value of their work if you develop a close relationship and make them your brand ambassadors. Such a collaboration is good for all parties - you, the influencer and their audience.

Add Perspective

On-boarding an influencer is almost like hiring new staff for a marketing position. Good influencers will add perspective to your product/ service and promote it in a way, you have not thought of before. This creates a fresh vibe around brand.

Social Following

While they tag you in their post, tweet or blog your brand automatically grows its social following as well which creates a bigger audience for content you publish on your own channels. It might go slowly, but it's certainly worth the effort.


Influencers are content creators. People follow and adore them for who they are, their story and of course the interesting content they regularly publish. By reposting content you create they expand your reach as well. If you created a great piece of content that is relevant to their audience ask them whether they'd be interested to share it.

Conversation Starter

People do not care about brands that do not care about them. An influencer can be a great way to start the conversation between you and your target audience. They already broke the ice with their followers and have easier access to them than your company has.

Value For Money

Compared to traditional ways of promoting your product/ service, working can be an excellent tool to generate a return for your investment. With most campaigns you make profit on your initial investment pretty quickly. Especially, when you work with micro-influencers. Drop us an email at to learn more about that.


Usually, influencers have a pretty good idea who their audience is. This is perfect for you to promote your product/service efficiently to those who are potential buyers. But not only the target audience itself, also the way they enjoy their content and how it must be delivered is something your influencer will be familiar with. It is a win-win-win situation.

If you haven't done so already, now is the time to broaden your marketing strategies. Influencers are a great way to reach your audience in a direct and effective way.

Have a great day,

Your JP Team

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