Optimizing Your Brand's Voice

What is a Brand's Voice?

First of all, let's talk about what a brand's voice is! Your brand's voice combines the way you communicate with your audience with the emotions and feelings you create for them, which they'll end up associating you with. From playful, to professional, to sporty, to trendy; there is a huge variety of approaches to how you want to present yourself and appeal to your audience.

Your Audience, Your Brand.

Your targeted audience are more often than not the core in which you base your business decisions on. Depending on who they are and what you're trying to sell them, your voice will differ to serve them in the most effective and appropriate manner. A younger audience may require a more energetic, trendy voice to relate to them, while an older audience might be more responsive to a clear, simple voice that communicates a product or service in a direct benefit-focused approach.


remain consistent across platforms and campaigns. This creates familiarity with your brand; people know what you're about immediately and don't have to figure you out.

Do Not

give mixed or unclear messages. You might lose your audience or confuse them as they might not recognize you, or they might infer that you have gone through major changes that may no longer appeal to them.

No matter what voice your brand represents, make sure it is one that your audience connects with and makes sense to both them and yourself.

All the best,

Your JP team.

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