Marketing Tips For Ramadan

Ramadan can be either great or difficult month for businesses, often depending on the industry they're in. Many businesses join the celebrations through generous offers, product/service-bundling, free giveaways, etc. while others find it difficult to have strong momentum throughout month. Here are a few things to consider for yourself:

Ramadan Timings - Make the most of it!

For businesses in the F&B industry, opening later in the day does not necessarily have to be disadvantageous for the business. By making the most of the day hours, your business can be improved, updated, and work on both short and long-term goals and activities. You can work on your interior, train your staff while you don't have customers (we've got a special Ramadan series for user experience workshops!), or strategize business activities such as services and products offered. Time off can also mean a chance to reflect on and review areas that can be improved and updated.

Provide True Value

Everyone is trying to push their products and services during Ramadan - by ensuring you provide real value to your clients, you optimize your marketing during the month by catching the attention of potential clients and starting a relationship with them that will hopefully last after the month ends.

Be sure to check out our Ramadan Offers to make the most of your marketing activities this Ramadan. Send us an email or give us a call if you have a question or want to chat about your ideas!

All the best

Your JP Team.

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