How businesses are fighting COVID19?

COVID-19 not only inflicts a new set of challenges for people’s health and healthcare services, but it also has a drastic impact on the economy and businesses worldwide.

Businesses have been trying to figure out changes they can make to keep their staff safe, control the spread of the virus and continue to function.

Yet, the toll of the full-economic fallout for businesses brought about a different work routine and lifestyle. People are said to be the most creative and innovative in their darkest times. Understanding of technology-enabled solutions can expand the possibilities for getting work done and on that note, ask yourself what are you working on? What are you doing differently? How has COVID-19 affected your business?

Here are a few ways businesses around the world are coping with COVID-19:

a) Switching businesses to be more online

b) Marketing on every channel

c) Re-branding the business

d) Executing with value on social media platforms

e) Enhancing business services better

f) Relying on external service providers

g) Reprioritising work and projects

h) Increasing online sales

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