Facebook Ads - Dos and Don'ts

Facebook Ads is a great tool for advertising, but for utilizing the platform effectively, there are things to watch out for and things to not forget doing. Here is a list of Dos and Don'ts of Facebook Advertising.

The Dos

1) Use appropriate, eye-catching imagery

The imagery in your ads - whether videos, photos, graphics, or icons - should be relevant to your audience and on-brand with your company. In a sea of content on social media, however, you should also make sure to use imagery that stands out and catches people's attention so that your ad doesn't drown in its surroundings (pun totally intended).

2) Choose your written content wisely

As with imagery used for your ad, the written content you use is vital to grab the attention of the ad viewers, engage with them, and add value. Focusing on appealing keywords is usually the best strategy to make the biggest impact with the smallest amount of words - things like statistics, special offers, and humour are often effective methods of communicating your message.

The Don'ts

1) Do not take impressions and/or reach as a measure of success

While it's great that many people see your ad, it is not (always) a valuable measure of success. Depending on what your goal is with your campaign, other data can be of more value to measuring the effectiveness of your campaign - you may choose Link Clicks or Landing Page Views for example as measures as they imply a more invested interest compared to someone who's just viewed your ad.

2) Don't use too much text in your image

Not only do you run the risk of your ad not running at all, but too much text in your image can deter people from your ad or not catch their attention, as attention spans on social media are quite low and you have a limited time to send your message across without losing people's interests.

Make sure you utilize Facebook Ads and the tools on the platform effectively in order to produce a successful ad piece. As you use the platform more often, you will familiarize yourself with the different functionalities and tools and will be able to produce optimal ad creatives.

All the best,

Your JP Team.

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