Communication: Saying the right thing - is it enough?

Successful communication is vital in our personal and professional lives in order to convey our thoughts, solve problems, and work efficiently with those around us

The different types of communication create one whole experience. Saying the right words can often be insufficient if the rest of our communication methods don't support them effectively, or at worst, oppose them.

1) Verbal Communication

This type of communication mainly entails the use of words and sounds to communicate, while also including written communication, and the tone and volume of speaking. The actual words used by someone are usually analyzed at an equal or sometimes even smaller level by those around them compared to their accompanying tones and non-verbal communication. The choice of words, tone, context, and volume can vary greatly and is often the primary method of conscious communication by the person speaking. Factors like limited vocabulary and situation comfort/discomfort may make verbal communication inaccurate indicators of how a person thinks and feels, and so we often look for non-verbal indicators to understand a situation further.

2) Non-Verbal Communication

Body language, distance, and eye contact are a few non-verbal tools that are used as a form of communication. While they're often used subconsciously, they are also sometimes used purposefully to get a certain message across. For example, it is common to see people distance themselves to imply their discomfort being close to who they're speaking with, or get closer to them to show interest or that they're paying close attention to what they're saying. It's important to take cultural contexts and personal boundaries into consideration when deciding what is appropriate in a situation. While some cultures show respect and attention through consistent eye contact, others find eye contact invasive of personal boundaries.

A mixture of both communication methods is vital to understand a person or situation. It is recommended to create a safe, comfortable space for those you are conversing with in order to achieve honesty and transparency in communicating. Culture and people's personalities and their boundaries also play a huge role in the method and effectiveness of communicating.

Have a great day!

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