5 Ways in Which Branding is Represented in Staff

Branding is important for all companies, but is often talked about in reference to designs and marketing. Some companies fail to recognize its importance in regards to company employees, or rather, that a brand is represented through and within employees at all.

Here are 5 ways branding is directly implemented by individuals:

1) Cultural Practices in the Workplace

Understanding the culture of the brand is important to navigate interactions, communicate between employees, and communicate with clients. A company's culture doesn't necessarily have to mimic the culture of the country it's in (although must be respectful and aware of it), but regardless of what it is, it must be clear and consistent with employees, making sure to have clear guidelines that are understood and implemented by all.

2) Workplace Environment

The environment of the workplace you're in is also linked to branding. Your workplace may be heavily corporate, or emphasize friendliness, or be very fun and crazy with their ideas - whatever type of environment your workplace has, it must make sense for the work you do and how you connect with your clients and colleagues.

3) Communication Methods and Styles

Communication is another key factor of workplace brand guidelines, including both internal and external communication. A more tech-based business might be big on analyzing and presenting things digitally, while a company with a small team might value in-person, open communication methods more so than others.

4) Conflict Management

The management of resolving conflicts is inclusive of methods in which conflicts are solved, communication tones, as well as body language. The way conflicts are dealt with are a representation of the company's operations and their care for their staff, which are an implication of how they could serve and help their clients.

5) Employee Brand Awareness

Employees being well-knowledgeable about the company they work for is crucial for strong brand promotion. They should be well aware of the products and/or services they present and sell, their colleagues' titles and roles, and the company's history. Whether they work in a particular department of their company or not, they should have at least some knowledge of the activities and management of the company as a whole.

If you haven't already done so yet, go ahead and start your in-house branding guidelines! These are vital for happy, knowledgeable, and productive team members.

Your JP team.

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