5 Characteristics of a Dynamic Brand Name

A great challenge: finding a name for your business. Difficult task, right?

"People need to understand what we are offering."

"It needs to be original." "The name must be available."

"It must be easy to pronounce." "It should not offend anyone."

Many thoughts will come to your mind during the name-finding process for your business. And that is how it should be. Because the name of your business will be a key part of your brand.

Do you feel the pressure? Don't worry.

Here are 5 characteristics you should consider before choosing a name for your new brand/product/business:

1. Meaningful - it focuses on your brand essence and builds a emotional connection

2. Own it! - legally, as well as in the public consciousness, you need to own your name. Secure domain names and usernames for social media channels early to facilitate communication.

3. Impactful - support your brand name visually with a compelling trademark design (logo, icon, word mark or a combination) and the right colors.

4. Accessible - easy to pronounce, easy to spell, easy to Google.

5. Stand Out! - consider names of competitors and other companies and make sure your brand is unique.

If you still have thoughts or questions, let's talk about it!

Have a great day!

Your JP team

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