4 Key Ways To Differentiate Yourself From Competitors

1) Focus on Problem-Solving

Businesses thrive when they solve problems for people - when you provide convenience, solutions and innovation for consumers, you instantly become of value to them.

2) Strong, Consistent Branding

Branding affects many aspects from your business. From the products and services you provide, to your marketing, to your customer service, branding is both the voice and imagery you use in everything. Having strong branding that is consistent in all your activities ensures you stand out between competition.

3) Unique Marketing Activities

While the core of your business is important, effective marketing can take your business to new levels of success. There are now many different marketing tools, from social media ads, to influencer marketing to guerrilla marketing campaigns. Successful campaigns are more often than not a success due to creativity and impact, as opposed to the actual product or service being marketed.

4) User Experience

An unforgettable user experience will definitely differentiate you from competitors, whether it was positive or negative! Consumers love it when companies and organizations go above and beyond their expectations to ensure their needs are being taken care of, and that the service provider is putting in genuine care to how their customer is experiencing their brand. Many organizations provide a bad user experience, and many provide mediocre ones, by ensuring your user experience is tailored to your clientele, you'll be setting yourself up for success. [You can check out our user experience workshops here.]

All the best.

Your JP team.

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