4 Elements Of Effective Branding

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, says, "Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room."

There are many elements to your brand that create the full experience in which people remember you for - here are 4 of the many things that shape your brand identity:

1) Design Elements

Logos are a part of branding, not the whole thing. Design elements contribute a lot to a company's brand identity as they set a tone and give a feeling. These elements are made up of the logo, packaging, a store or space design, and even the overall color palette.

2) Messaging

Words and phrases used by your organization do a lot more than just send a message across to the customer. As with design elements, messaging also plays a critical role in setting a tone that will attract and resonate with a group of people, while not doing so with others.

3) Core Values

A brand's values and actions speak volumes to who they are and what they represent. These values are represented through all your activities, both formal and informal, and both online and offline. Based on these activities, viewers of the brand's activities choose whether these things align with their own personal values.

4) Pricing

Yes, pricing plays a huge role in a brand's identity. People often look to prices as an indicator of quality, luxury, and exclusivity, or lack thereof. Many companies offer almost the exact same product or service, but their price points end up being the key player in determining how consumers think and feel about the brand.

Branding has been a topic of fascination for many in the business world - while some have managed to fully understand what it entails and the significance of it to an organization's performance, others have failed to do so by taking shortcuts. The elements of branding that we've mentioned above are critical to your success, make sure you plan (or re-plan) the direction you want your organization to take with these key points.

Have a great day!

Your JP team.

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