3 Ways To Increase Productivity At Work

Despite the differences in workplace nature, there are many things you could do to make your workplace productivity go from good to great, no matter what your organization looks like.

Here are 3 ways you could increase your workplace productivity now:

1) Ensure You Got The Right Tools + Equipment

It's tempting for companies to opt for cheaper options when purchasing office tools and equipment, that's if they don't end up skipping out altogether. By ensuring employees have access to exactly what they need, they won't waste time figuring out how to handle different alternatives, or even seeking other tools and ending up not using what they have at all. Whether it's the right design software, ergonomic furniture, a high-tech coffee machine, or a multi-use printer/scanner, equipping a workplace with the appropriate tools ensures you're setting your employees for success, and ultimately, doing the same for your clients.

2) Communication, Communication, Communication

It is not a surprise that with the right approach to communication, employee productivity is sure to skyrocket. Finding the best methods for communication that work for you and your team is sure to enhance the work culture and the work that you do. For some teams, weekly meetings are a great way to catch up on what everyone is doing to ensure you're all aware of what's happening with one another. For other teams, platforms such as Slack is exactly what they need to enhance their communication needs. Whatever it is, find what works and makes sense to you and utilize it to increase clarity, awareness and knowledge between your team members.

3) Space Layout

The physical space we work in is one of the most crucial elements of not only our work productivity, but our work quality and even comfort in the workplace. Spaces where employees are not comfortable often witness employee burnout, a lack of productivity, a lack of creativity and even regular turnovers. All spaces are important, from individuals' desks, to meeting rooms, to bathrooms, and even the reception area, ensure those who use the space feel connected to it and not bothered by it. The right furniture, decoration, and even the right amount of empty spaces have an effect on both physical and mental health and therefore affect the way we work.

We're giving you a small task now - take a few moments to analyse your workplace and ask yourself what is done successfully that encourages and supports productivity, and what can be improved that will upgrade your productivity game.

Have a great day!

Your JP team.

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