3 Marketing Goals To Help You Strategize Your Campaigns

More often than not, our goal with marketing is to eventually sell a product or service - this isn't always the case, however. While ultimately profiting from your business activities as a whole is a goal on everyone's minds, there are other marketing goals that improve your relationship with your audience and help your brand's growth in the market.

1) Build Brand Awareness

Setting brand awareness rather than direct sales as a marketing goal can be beneficial in the long-term. This gets your name out there for people who have not heard of you, as well as builds brand trust and familiarity over time.

2) Bring Light To News Or Causes

Particularly when special occasions or news have occurred, many companies focus their marketing on covering or helping out causes or . Once again, this builds brand trust as well as genuineness, or in less serious/catastrophic situations, helps your brand be relevant to the audience.

3) Competitive Rivalry

Many marketing campaigns have been set to indirectly (or even directly) reference a rival and show superiority to them or their product/service. This can be often seen through emphasized benefits or advantages of dealing with this particular organization or making comparisons to blurred or mimicked products that are clear to the audience that they reference a particular business rival.

Which goal are you setting for your next campaign? Let us know!

All the best.

Your JP Team.

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