3 Crucial Areas of Business Planning

Whether you're starting out with your business planning, have plateaued as a business, or in need of a re-branding, here are 3 crucial parts of your business that will help you plan effectively:

1) Your Purpose

What is your purpose in the market? What do you want to do and what do you want to change? A company that provides unique products or services that truly fill a need in the market can reach their clients fast and create a strong, long-lasting impact. Once your purpose is defined, planning your activities becomes easier as they are centered around and powered by the purpose you have envisioned.

2) Your Target Audience

The customers you wish to reach are the focal point of what you do. If what you offer them does not speak to them, serve them, and solve a need for them, there will essentially be little to no activities that are going to allow you to exist in the market. By focusing on those individuals you wish to serve, imagining how you want to speak to them will guide your marketing planning, how you wish to fulfill their needs will guide your product/service R&D, and how you wish to build and maintain a relationship with them will guide your user and customer experiences.

3) Finances

While it's not much fun to talk about the financial part of business planning, it's ultimately what will allow or limit your business decisions. This isn't to say, however, that with limited finances you have zero business mobility - financial planning allows you to realistically manage your resources, and often times limited finances inspires successful creativity.

If you're thinking about the feasibility of your ideas, make sure to think about all aspects of your business. A clear vision driven by both passion and awareness of the reality of your project will take you far, and will help you plan for success.

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