2 Reasons Why People Start Their Own Business

Entrepreneurship is on the rise - both locally and globally. Everyone has their own reasons for why they want to start their own business , here are two of those reasons:

1) Diverse Roles

Entrepreneurs do all they can to ensure all aspects of their business is up to their standards and aligns with their vision, and so they end up taking on a variety of roles to work on making their vision a tangible reality. From sorting out finances, to hiring, to interior decorating, the tasks are endless - many people truly enjoy the crazy ride and the hours spent doing all of this is worthwhile.

2) Passion Projects

We've all heard great stories of how a person started with an idea and ended up with a hugely successful business. This idea is often the seed that is planted and ends up as all that has been envisioned and more. Passion projects drive entrepreneurs to truly make a change and put something new or improved in the market.

Are you an entrepreneur or aspiring one? What's your reason?

All the best.

Your JP Team.

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